Windows 7 Extended Security Updates are getting expensive every year

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

US journalist Mary Jo Foley has found out about Windows 7 extended support prices through industry sources. As feared, only selected customer groups will be able to use the offer.

As the usually well-informed Mary Jo Foley has learned, running Windows 7 beyond the Extended Support becomes more expensive each year. , It is well known that Windows 7 will only be supported regularly with security updates until mid-January 2020. For corporate customers, however, an offer is planned that is comparable to Windows XP CSA. That will be expensive.

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

According to Foley, there are two support models. One concerns Windows 7 Pro and the other Windows 7 Enterprise. The latter does not exist as a stand-alone license, so the new Extended Security Updates will be sold as add-ons for the Enterprise license. The price increases with each additional year of use.

In the US, the first year of support will cost $ 25 (net) per license per year and will cover January 2020 through January 2021. Thereafter, prices rise significantly. Microsoft wants to make the continued operation apparently financially unattractive and doubles the price for the next year to $ 50 per license. In the third year, which will go until January 2023, the price will increase again to $ 100. Further support is not provided.

If you have the Pro license, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. The Extended Security Updates cost $ 50 in the first year, double to $ 100 in the second year, and last year cost a whopping $ 200 per license to support, Windows 7 Extended Security Updates.

However, the prices only apply to pro licenses of active enterprise customers, according to Foley. This includes educational institutions. Smaller companies that have stocked their jobs with retail, OEM, or System Builder Pro licenses, for example, will not be able to take advantage of the offer. Of course, this also applies to all Windows 7 Home or the then very expensive Windows 7 Ultimate licenses.

Anyone who still has to continue operating Windows 7 because of old software should do so in a secure environment.

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